new year emoji 2021

Hilarious Happy New Year Emoji 2021 Copy And Paste

Every festival is deeply related to gestures and expressions. And these new year emoji 2021 are perfect for you. New year’s eve brings a lot of happiness for all of us. We always express our joy and fun in an unusual manner by making wishes, putting statuses on our social media accounts, arranging parties, and get-togethers with our friends and family, and many other things.

Although, whenever we are chatting with somebody using our devices, we send them small faces. These small faces represent our moods and feelings for a specific thing. These small faces are called emojis. The emojis are basically used to show your feelings to someone whom you don’t want to say anything in words.

For each and every kind of emotion, there is a specific emoji present whether for anger, smile, love, sadness, hotness, cold, and boredom. With these, you will enjoy your chat more because you can’t express your mood swings only by words. You need something like this to show what you are currently feeling. These emojis also play a great role in new year messages and texts.

New Year Emoji 2021

There are many different kinds of emojis that are used to represent a specific gesture or feeling. But, in this article, I am going to share some of the latest and newly created emojis that will be added to all the devices in the upcoming new year 2021. You can use these emojis along with your wishes for your friends and family.

new year emoji 2021


Around 217 new emojis have been approved that will added to the devices in 2021. These emojis include hearts, smileys, and some skin tone options for couples with hearts and kisses. The new emojis that are added to these categories are as under.



Three new emojis are added to this category. Two of them are brand new and one is updated. These are:

  • A face with spiral eyes
  • A face in clouds
  • A face exhaling



Hearts are of some of the most popular emojis. Some new heart emojis are added to this category for 2021. These new emojis are used to express desire or lust and a broken heart. These are:

  • Heart on fire
  • Mending heart.



Some emojis of men and women are also added and new options are also provided for men and women.


The newly created emojis also includes skin tone options for men and women with hearts and year emoji 2021 new year emoji 2021 new year emoji 2021 new year emoji 2021 new year emoji 2021 new year emoji 2021 new year emoji 2021 new year emoji 2021

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